Every product is a beautifully hand crafted one of a kind piece of functional art.
Every product is a beautifully hand crafted one of a kind piece of functional art.
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About Lenny

My passion for woodworking started in the mid 1970’s. I was living in Eugene Oregon, when a family member moved close to me and started making wood products out of multicolored laminated woods. I worked with him for a few years and helped create new product lines and methods for their production. Later I moved to California to manage a custom staircase manufacturing firm where I trained employees on methods of manufacturing.

Years later I moved back to Oregon to retire, but found myself bored with retirement life. So I started making stained glass art and then switched to fused glass. I sold my craft items at local venues and stores. I designed a jig for the kiln that allowed me to make fused tightly woven glass pieces. Later I discovered a local public wood shop and started honing my crafting abilities. I learned many techniques on how to process wood from the folks there as well as created many of my own. I now teach adult woodworking classes at this facility. I have learned as well as developed many new ways to process wood over the years. Life is a learning process, and I have a passion for developing new and fun products.

I am continually learning and creating new and different ways in which to cut and shape wood into unique patterns and designs. Visiting my website you will find that I’m always making new and fun items out of wood and glass. Although I make some items in multiple batches, no two pieces are ever the same as the woods I use and the patterns I create will always change from one piece to another. FYI: NO DYES are used in my products. All colored woods used are their natural coloring's.